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How a VRV System Could Benefit Your Business

Keeping your workplace at a comfortable temperature is key to maintaining high productivity. Nobody wants to work somewhere that is too hot or too cold — it’s distracting and uncomfortable. But as your business grows, regulating temperature may become more and more difficult. It may be easy to regulate the temperature in one room, but what about multiple rooms? Multiple floors? Or even multiple buildings? VRV Systems are an effective solution to fluctuating temperatures in your workplace. Find out how a VRV system can save you time, money and improve productivity for your business.

What Is a VRV System?

Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) air conditioning is a system whereby a single outdoor unit controls the amount of refrigerant dispensed to each of its connected indoor units. If one area of the building gets too warm, VRV technology in the outdoor unit will send refrigerant exclusively to the indoor unit within that area to lower the temperature. This allows for precise temperature control.

There are a number of factors that could cause one area of a building to be warmer than other areas at the same time of day, including the position of the sun or the volume of staff. VRV systems provide the exact amount of refrigerant needed to bring each area to its desired temperature.

What Are the Benefits of a VRV System?

Targeted temperature control

Unlike with regular air conditioning systems, VRV systems allow you to change the temperature in specific areas of your building. This enables you to guarantee a comfortable temperature for multiple areas of the building simultaneously.

Energy efficiency

VRV air conditioning units only circulate the minimum amount of refrigerant needed to reach your desired temperature. Plus, because they only target areas that require cooling, they use less energy than traditional air conditioning systems that can only cool the entire building at the same rate.

A well-designed VRV system will actually be able to redistribute excess heat from one area to another. This function provides maximum energy efficiency — and will be noticeable in the money saved on your energy bill.

Modular designs

VRV systems are flexible and allow you to combine multiple outdoor units to increase the overall system capacity. You can also choose between a range of sizes for the indoor units, meaning you can always install them regardless of how large or small the room is.

Simple to install

VRV systems require minimal or no ductwork, and are available in a range of sizes, making them far easier to install in areas with limited space. 

Godfrey & Lappage provide VRV air conditioning systems to businesses throughout Essex, Hertfordshire, London and beyond. We stock a wide variety of top brands and offer 24/7 service, ensuring your business remains comfortable all year round. If you’re looking to improve your business, boost productivity and save money, get in touch with our team today.


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